Address: 7227 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY, 11372 (718) 458-8512

About us

Rajbhog is the premier choice in Jackson Heights for the highest quality Indian sweets, snacks, and more. Stop by or order online ahead of time from our select menu of mini plates, South Indian delicacies, chaats, Bengali sweets, and more. Our restaurant is bright, clean, and comfortable, and it is our staff that completes the full package of excellent service mixed with quality foods.

Rajbhog has been happily serving the Jackson Heights area since the late 1970’s. It has always been our goal to serve the local Indian community as well as New Yorkers with the most authentic and top quality Indian foods and sweets. “Rajbhog,” means kings, or Maharajas offering to the Gods, and traditionally, only the finest sweets were made as an offering. Our sweets and snacks are indeed fit for a king.

About Us

Try our samosas, or mini plates such as our Paneer Rolls, Pav Bhaji, or Chole Poori. Add some of our signature South Indian delicacies to your order like our Mysore Masala Dosa, it is absolutely delicious! We have perfected many Bengali sweets and serve them by the pound, including our Gulab Jamun. Order a few pounds of our sweets by ahead of time before you come pick them up at the restaurant. We also have Small, Medium, and Large sized platters, where you can mix and match vegetable curries, bread, and rice. Just call the restaurant for daily curry selections and place your order!

Try all of our specialty items including, our sweets, snacks, cheese, ice cream, baked items, breads, pickles and frozen food options. We serve vegan food as well as Jain food as well. If you are hosting an upcoming event, look no further than Rajbhog foods to suit your catering needs. Contact us ahead of time using the inquiry form on our catering page and tell us about your event.